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USED Wire Rack Decking
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 Bulk Storage Rack 
45" wide x 42" deep x 85" high, (6) Double Arm Levels per Side, Fully Adjustable Support Arm Levels, Welded Center Upright Assemblies, Double Sided Base Bolts to Upright Frame, Perfect for any light application (1773JA) $475.00 EARI 
SOLD Surplus rivet rack shelving 24"D x 48"W x 84"H w/ 5 levels and New wood decking and bins. 15 Used corrugated plastic storage bins 16"W x 24"D x 8"H (conductive). Additional levels can be added with or without bins for an added price depending on option. $279.00RI 
SOLD Vertical Bar Rack 36"W x 24"D x 84"H - All Welded, 3000 lbs capacity, efficiently holds and displays long pipe stock and lumber storage. Bar storage rack stores long pieces vertically with integrated 16 gauge steel shelves for shorter pieces and boxed items. 1-1/2" x 1/8" angle iron frame with angle arms that extend 8" past shelves. (1636PA) $180.00RI 
SOLD Used Vidmar Cabinet 9 Drawers (1) at 4" (2) at 4 5/8" and (6) at 6 1/4" Drawers contain dividers to organize your inventory800.00RI 
SOLD Used Vidmar Cabinets 30" W x 27 1/2" D x 59 1/4" H, (11) drawers, (2) at 4", (7) at 4.75" and (2) at 6". Drawers contain dividers to organize your inventoryCALL!RI 
SOLD Used Vidmar Cabinets, 30" W x 27 1/2" D x 59 1/4" H, (9) Drawers (4) at 4 3/4" H, (3) at 6 1/4" H and (2) at 7 3/4" H. Drawers contain dividers to organize your inventory.CALL!RI 
SOLD Used Vidmar Cabinet:30" W x 27 1/2" D x 59 1/4" H, (7) Drawers, (4) at 7" H, (2) at 7 3/4" H, and (1) at 9" H. Drawers contain dividers to organize your inventoryCALL!RI 
SOLD Rousseau Factory Surplus 3-drawer medium duty storage cabinet, full extension drawers, 100# cap/drawer, locking mechanism for security. Dimensions : 18"W x 27"D x 28"H 2 drawers @ 6" with partitions and dividers 1 drawer @ 12" with partitions and dividers If purchased all 4 cabinets, 10% off ($398.00)443.00RI 
SOLD Factory Surplus Rousseau Heavy Duty storage Cabinet with 3 drawers, full extension drawers with 400# cap/drawer, two drawers @ 6"Deep and one @ 12"Deep. Dimension: 24"W x 27"D x 28"H w/drawers and dividers $529.00 Purchase all 4 10% off = $476.00 a piece$529.00RI 
SOLD Counter height storage cabinet w/ 2 adjustable shelves. 36"W x 44"H x 18"D $130.00RI 
 Cantilever Rack 
Used cantilever rack: 102"H x 51"D x 68"W with 4 storage levels including the base with a usable space of 39". Two levels of straight arms w/lip on the end @ 30" long. 1 level with 2 inclined arms @ 36" long. Capacity per level is 1200 lbs. This until will be taken apart for shipping and handling purposes. (Unit is only on casters for example purposes and are not included or recommended for this application. $695.00RI 
Frazier "Klamp/Fast" Double Sided Cantilever Rack. 18'-20' H with welded bases. Fully adjustable 51" L arms provide maximum flexibility with no wasted vertical space. Other Sizes AvailableCALLRI 
SOLD Single & Double Sided Cantilever Racks 12' & 16' tall, Heavy Duty 48" long Arms with 2,500# capacity, 36", 48" or 60" brace spacing of upright columns. Other brace spacing and arm configurations are available. Use for Lumber, Pipe, Steel, Tubing, etc. CALL US FOR DISCOUNTED PRICING ON NEW CANTILEVER RACKS!by QtyRI 
SOLD MECO Medium Duty Cantilever Rack, Double Sided, 12' high x 60" overall base, Inclined Arms @ 36" long x 400# capacity each, Straight Arms @ 48" long x 300# capacity each, 5' brace spacing. Configured as 3 stand alone units with 2 trees each or one continuous row of 6 trees. (NOTE: Photo shows Straight Arms. Inclined Arms are also available)CALL!RI 
White Horizontal Carousel, 40 Bins, 26" wide x 24" deep x 10' high with 7 shelf levels, Bottom Drive, with Man-Aboard Scissor Lift for Picking Upper Levels. Pictures show unit being taken down for storage, $12,500RI 
 Carts & Trucks 
SOLD Used Mobile Self Dumping Hopper 1/3 cu. yd. 32" W x 51" D x 40" H, 6" Rubber Casters (2) Rigid, (2) Swivel (1806 B)$700.00RI 
100 + New Surplus Wire Shelving Components-Most still in Boxes. 54" h Mobile amd Fixed Posts, 24" L Shelf Dividers, Ledges are 8", 24", 48" and 72" L. Also available are Loop Handles 18" d x 35" HRI 
SOLD Three Sided Wire Stock Picker Cart. 18" x 48" x 70" H with 4 shelves 150.00 EARI 
Used Platform Cart-Wood Deck 30" x 60" (1754EC) $95.00RI 
SOLD Used Stock Picker Trucks- Steel Construction 3 shelves per cart 22.5" W x 51" L x 65" H These carts combine the mobility of a cart with the versatility of a step ladder. Spring loaded steel step ladder holds the cart securely in place while a person is standing on the ladder. (1748JA)$300.00 EARI 
SOLD Used Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving Coated shelving provides superior chemical resistance and Anti-Microbial Protection. Recommended for wet environments, labs and kitchen coolers. Sizes Available 24" x 48" with 4 shelves $285.00 or 24" x 72" with 4 shelves $325.00. Posts are 74" and 86" H$285.00RI 
Used Chrome Wire Tray Carts 21" W x 29" D x 69" H. Side load carts offer 19 slots for easy access and removal of product Trays are not included (1735 CB)175.00RI 
10 Used Chrome Wire Tray Carts. 21" W x 23" D x 61" OAH. These carts have 5 slots for trays that provide quick access and visibility of contents. Trays are not included (1735 CA)225.00RI 
25 Used Chrome Wire Carts-Just arrived. Many sizes to choose from. Form 18"-36" W x 24"- 72" L. Carts can be configured to your specifications. Call us with your requirementsCALLRI 
Wood Platform Truck 30" x 60" with welded steel handle (1720PC)$165.00RI 
Used lumber/panel cart. Dimensions are 31 1/2"W x 60"L x 30"H with 4 extendable locking post for securing your from falling of the side. Also there is a bottom level for miscellaneous items. $230.00RI 
1  Used wire panel shelving cart with 6 levels. 60"L x 30"W x 54 1/2"H, shelf dimensions are 13"D x 52 1/2"L (1476HA)$345.00RI 
Used light duty utility/tool carts. 24"W x 36"W x 32"H $65/eaRI 
Used 55 Gallon drum Poly Spill containment cart: 62"L x 29"W x 15"H, 43"h handle, two plugs for emptying liquid. (1711DA)$443.00RI 
Used Aluminum treadplate platform truck. Capacity of 2000 lbs with heavy duty casters and removable U-handle. Dimensions: 30"W x 72"L x platform height 13", Handle height of 39" $285.00RI 
SOLD MECO 6 tank cylinder cart. Dimensions: 46"L x 24"D x 42"H. This cylinder truck handles cylinders up to 9" diameter. Cylinders are held safely in place by two heavy-duty chain mounted 37" above the deck. A welded frame with a 1500 lb capacity with two drop down gates for easy loading and unloading of tanks from each side. Cart also includes a foot brake for safe load and unload capabilities. 495.00RI 
Vestil order picking cart, 18"W x 36"L x 30"H, 1200lbs capacity. 3-post design of this material handling cart makes it easier to load the lower shelf. Shelves have 2"H lip to retain cargo, and the top shelf can reverse to a flat surface for oversized packages. 25" clearance between shelves. Chrome push handles accommodate users of different heights. Rolls smoothly on 5" diameter polyurethane casters. $210.00RI 
Durable heavy duty plastic 4 shelf utility carts, 36"H x 27"L x 18"W, with locking swivel casters. (1636KK)$135.00 eachRI 
24 Chrome Wire Carts, Many Sizes Available 30" x 60" with 2, 3, or 4 shelves, 39" to 69" overall high. We can re-configure height and number of shelves to suit your application. We also have some 18" deep x 42" and 18" x 60" long. Call for more Info!CALL!RI 
SOLD Rubbermaid 1025 Standard Duty Tilt Truck, 1-1/2 Cubic Yard, 750# Capacity, 43" wide x 81" long x 50" high with 12" diameter Carrying Wheels and 4" swivel wheels, Rear Handle for Pushing & Dumping.$795RI 
SOLD Wire Mesh 3-Sided Transport Cart, 30" deep x 60" wide x 57" high with Expanded Metal Sides, Push Handle One End, 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Casters, (some with all swivel). Excellent Condition, Gray.$375/eachRI 
15 FACTORY SURPLUS! Metro Chrome Wire 2 Shelf Utility Carts, 18" Deep x 36" Long shelf size, Push Handles on both ends, 4 New Swivel Casters (2 with Brakes), Ships K/D in box - You assemble.$160.00 eachRI 
Cari-All Chrome Wire Tray Carts, side loading, 32" wide x 21" deep x 55" high. Each cart has 22 slots for trays and a locking bar to hold the trays during transport. ONE of the carts is Metro END load Style for 29 Trays. Trays Sold Separately.$165/eachRI 
Wire Transport/Picking Cart, (Fold & Nest for Storage) 24" wide x 60" shelves, 4 shelves per cart, 67" high, 5" casters, up to 1,000# capacity, Shelves Fold Down & Carts Nest for storage when not in use. (1339AB)195.00RI 
SOLD Aluminum Pallet Dollies, 4,000# Capacity, 36" x 36", One person can push a pallet instead of using a forklift! Free up expensive equipment, Save Time & Save Money.$99/eachRI 
 Casters & Wheels 
SOLD Low Profile Swivel Casters, 2-1/2" Diameter x 1-3/4" Wide Polyolefin wheels, 3.5" overall high, 350# capacity/each, 3-1/2" overall high with 3-5/8" x 2-3/4" top plate, 2-7/8" x 1-7/8" hole centers, slotted. NEW - Factory Surplus!$28/Set (4)RI 
68 Rigid V-Groove Caster, 6" x 2.5" Heavy Steel V-Groove Wheel with Greasable Bearings, 7-5/8" Overall High. Top Plate: 4-3/4" x 6-1/2" with Slotted Bolt Holes to 3-1/2" x 5-3/8" Centers. Use for Carts on Angle Iron Tracks in Manufacturing or Production Assembly. Surface Rust on Caster Face from lack of use only. Casters in excellent condition.CALL!RI 
420 Swivel Caster for Dollies or Equipment, 1-7/8" diameter x 1-5/8" hard plastic wheel, approx. 200# capacity, 3" overall high, 3.5" x 2.5" top plate, 2-7/8" x 1-3/4" hole centers. MINIMUM PURCHASE 24 pcs. (409I)$2.50/eachRI 
 Containers & Bins 
344 Used Flip Lid Totes 9 1/2" W x 10" L x 7 1/4" H Colors Available Blue or Gray Quantity Discounts available (1794EC)$11.00 EARI 
850 Used Quantum Bins Model # QSB-216 11 1/8" W x 23 5/8" L x 6" H Plastic Nesting Storage Bins Available Colors: Red and Yellow (1794 EA)$9.50 EARI 
SOLD Used Uline Plastic Stackable Bins Model #S12419 8" W x 14 1/2" L x 7" H- Color: Black (1794EB)$4.00 EARI 
1000 Used Akro Mils Shelf Bins. 4 1/8" W x 4" H x 17 7/8" L- Molded in label holder Available in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black (1794 ED)$1.50 EARI 
96 Used Akro-Mils Bins 8" W x 14" D x 6.5" H (1738)$4.80 EARI 
60 Used Akro-Mils Bins 16 3/8" W x 14" D x 7" H 5.50 eaRI 
240 Used Akro-Mils Bins 5.5" W x 10.25" D x 5" H2.75 EaRI 
SOLD Used Nesting Totes 20" W x 27" D x 14" H Orange (1779CA)7.00 EARI 
Used Double Sided Mobile Slatwall Display. 36" W x 36" D Base x 84" H Unit comes with (64) Small bins @ 4" x 7.5" x 3" H, (30) Large bins @ 5.5" x 6.5" x 8" H and (50) Peg hooks. Bins are new and unit can be reconfigured. Price is for unit displayed (1773 AG)$375.00RI 
337  Small parts bin ideal for storage. 9 1/2" W x 12 3/4" D x 4 3/4" H (1741AE)$2.50 EachRI 
1,340 Stackable Storage Bins 10 3/4" W x 16 1/4" D x 5" H Straight Wall containers are an ideal solutions for transporting goods or work in progress.(1741AD) $3.50 EachRI 
SOLD Used Stackable Plastic Bins- 1 1/2" W x 17" D x 8 1/4" High Heavy Duty construction. Ideal Storage Solution for smaller parts Colors available, Red, Blue and Green$8.50 EachRI 
100 Akro Mills Parts bins, 7-3/8" long x 4-1/8" wide x 3" high, Hopper Front with Label Holder space. These bins also have a lip in the back for hanging on louver panel and bin walls. Able to hold up to 25 lbs of material in each bin.1.00RI 
200 Medium Duty ESD Black conductive corrugated plastic Flexcon containers 16"Wide x 24"Deep x 8"High (1629EA)4.00 EachRI 
SOLD Heavy Duty plastic bins 23 1/2"Wide x 22"Deep x 5 1/2"H 4 - 1/8" slots for dividers (Dividers not included) (1629EB)$5.50RI 
SOLD Heavy Duty Shelf Bins, 9.5" wide x 13" deep x 4.5" high, Open Bin Front with Label Space, Blue. Can be used individually, or attached side to side ( No more pins available) (1570GA)$2.75/eachRI 
Otto Rolling Refuse Bin, 95 Gal with Hinged Lid, 12" Hard Rubber Wheels, 340# capacity, Blue. (1349JSE)$98/eachRI 
100 + Conductive Stacking Bins, Safe for Electronic Parts, 7-3/8" long x 4-1/8" wide x 3" high, Hopper Front with Label Holder. Like New! Other sizes available in conductive material.(1349JBF)$1.95/eachRI 
SOLD Folding Wire Baskets, 44" wide x 48" long x 43" overall high, 36" usable depth, 2,000# capacity, Stackable 4 high, Drop Gates on both ends, Wire Grid Tops can lock to basket for security, Baskets collapse for storage or shipping. $95RI 
100's Stacking and Hanging Bins, for small parts, Red, Yellow, & Blue plastic. CALL for sizes of current stock and pricing.CALL!RI 
 Conveyor Ball Transfers 
SOLD Ball Transfer Tables, from 12" x 24" to 30" x 96" with balls on 3" x 3" square pattern shown. We have LARGER & smaller sizes (from 12" wide) & other styles In Stock. We also have insert plates to add Ball Transfers to Conveyor Frames. Call us for prices!CALL!RI 
40 Single Strip Pop-Up Ball Transfers for 24" wide conveyor. Alternate 4 and 5 balls per strip for staggered pattern. Other Sizes and Styles in Stock. Call with your requirements. From $15/EachRI 
SOLD Like New Gravity Extendable Bestflex Conveyors. 200 Series 30" w x 17-3" Closed, 40'-3" Open Adjustable height from 28 1/2" - 41 1/2" (1779AA) 4,250.00 EARI 
Used Nestaflex skatewheel Conveyor 18" W x 96" closed. 21' open. Black plastic wheels (1693AB)960.00RI 
SOLD Used Nestaflex Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor, Series 175. 24" W x 80" Closed 26' open. (1720LA)875.00RI 
SOLD Precision Handling Plastic Chain Belt Conveyor, 9.5" wide Belt, 10' long x 36" H with adjustable legs up to 48"H, Variable speed adjustment as well, 110V Motor. Can be joined together to make longer runs. Stands can have casters added for an additional fee.(1316) $1,275.00RI 
SOLD Used Nestaflex conveyor with black plastic skate wheels, 24"W x 96"L closed - 28' open, height rages from 28"H - 44"H, 226 lbs capacity per lineal ft (1711AB)1465.63RI 
SOLD Nestaflex steel skate wheel accordian expandable conveyor. 2 sizes are available , 1 overall closed length at 5' 8" and open length of 19' 7" and 2 conveyors at 6' 6" close length and opened to 23'. Both conveyors are 18" wide with a lowered height of 28" These conveyors are in great shape.1400.00RI 
3500' Used Gravity conveyor, 24"Wide , call with specs and layout for pricing.CALL!RI 
2500' Used Line shaft conveyor, 2500'AVAILABLE, sizes consist of 24" - 30" - 36" wide. Many curves and drives. Please call with your and layouts for pricing. CALL!RI 
100 sections Gravity Roller Conveyor 10 long, 22" BF, 24" overall wide, 1-3/8" rollers on 3" centers, (Some available with rollers on 1.5" centers), Welded Guard Rails on both sides of most sections, Orange Steel Frames.CALL!RI 
SOLD Hytrol Lineshaft Transportation Conveyor, 28" BF with 1.38" Rollers on 1.5" Centers.CALL!RI 
20' Ermanco XenoPressure Lineshaft Driven Zone Accumulator Conveyor, 22" BF with 24" zones, 1.9" Rollers on 3" Centers.CALL!RI 
12 Small Parts Conveyors, Dorner Aluminum Frame, Smart Move Aluminum Frame, & QC Steel Frame, ALL STYLES, Straight Line, Cleated Belt, Incline Belt, Z-Belt Cleated, from 6" to 14" wide belts, White PVC and Plastic Chain Belts. Call us with your Application and we will match you with the best conveyor!CALL!RI 
Powered Turntable, 72" wide Steel Plate Turntable, designed to make a 180 degree Turn and connect two adjacent conveyor lines with a minimum turning radius, 1/2HP, 230/460V, 3PH drive motor with enclosed drive wheel. $3,800RI 
90' Uvex Zero Pressure Zone Accumulator Conveyor, 22" BF with 30" Zones, 1.9" Rolls on 3" Centers, Belt Driven with Air Operated Zones.CALL!RI 
SOLD Best-Flex Heavy Duty Flexible Gravity Skatewheel Conveyors, 24" wide x 10'-6" Closed, 28' Extended Length, Top Quality Steel Ball Bearing Wheels, Adjustable Height, Locking Wheels.$1,295RI 
Bunting Magnetics Belt Conveyor, 16" Belt x 7' long, 25 FPM, 110V 1PH, with Brake Motor and Control.$750RI 
SOLD Ermanco Extra Wide Lineshaft Live Roller Conveyor, 46" between frames, 48.5" overall wide, 1.9" diameter rollers on 3" centers. This conveyor is suitable for transporting larger items or assemblies such as furniture, corrugated sheet, etc. Sections are disassembled and can be shipped K/D to save freight costs.CALL!RI 
Buschman Pallet Transfer Conveyors, MSC Riser Chain style, 38" wide x 12'-9" long x 21" high (adjustable), 3/4 HP drive, 230/460V 3PH. Can be extended for longer runs. Call us with your application specifications. Entire unit weighs 950lbs (1407PA)CALL!RI 
600' Gravity Roller Conveyor, 18" wide & 24" wide, 1.4" and 1.9" rollers on 3", 4" & 4.5" centers.CALL!RI 
Precision Handling Plastic Chain Belt Conveyor, 9.5" wide Belt, 10' long, Fixed Speed 30 Feet per Minute, 110V Motor. Can be joined together to make longer runs. Stands available at $20/each.from $750RI 
24 Pop-Up Blade Stops, Air Operated for 24" wide lineshaft conveyor. Stops for other widths available.CALL!RI 
Portec Spiral Belt Curve, 30" belt x 90 degrees, spirals up/down with an 18" height difference, powered by 3/4 HP, 230/460V 3PH motor.CALL!RI 
42 Pop-Up Roller Brakes, Air Operated, 24" to 36" long, Single and Dual Cylinder, for Lineshaft conveyor.From $65/eaRI 
24 Pop-Up Right Angle Transfers, Skatewheel Strips pop up between conveyor rollers to push cartons or totes onto side conveyor or workstations, Air Operated. Fits 30" lineshaft conveyor with rolls on 4" cent Brand New Surplus.CALL!RI 
Linear Air-Actuated Pushers, Tol-O-Matic brand, 31" stroke (5) and 43" stroke (1) available. CALL!RI 
Dorner Low-Profile Sliderbed Belt Conveyors, 10" wide belt x 10' long, Speed: 30 feet/minute 120VAC.CALL!RI 
Conveyor Crossover Stairways, 2 Styles: Level with top of conveyor rollers and Raised above conveyor. Call us with your requirements and we will customize to fit your application.CALL!RI 
sections Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor 22" BF, 24" OA Wide, x 10' long, 24 WPF. Excellent Condition.CALL!RI 
SOLD Powered Flexible Conveyors, 24" overall wide x 36' long extended, 16'-7" collapsed, 110V Variable Speed operation. Shorter units also available.CALL!RI 
SOLD Used inside step wire decking 44 1/2"D x 46"W made for 48" depth pallet rack. Each deck has 3 supports with a capacity of 2100 lb. Color:gray and decks are in great condition. CALL!RI 
 Used 3 channel step support wire decking 42" x 46" (2500 lb cap) and 48" x 46" (2100 lb cap) CALL!RI 
SOLD Used Wire Rack Decks for Pallet Racking, 60"D x 50"W with welded step supports underneath. Our inventory changes rapidly. Call with your requirements.Starting @ $18.00RI 
1,850 Wire Rack Decks for Pallet Racking, 36", 42" & 48" deep, several styles: Step, Flared, Half-Step. Our inventory changes rapidly. Call with your requirements. We also stock new decks as well. CALL!RI 
SOLD pieces Corrugated Metal Rack Decking, 32-3/8" deep, fits most 36" deep pallet rack step beams, 26" wide, overlap to fill any beam length.$4/eachRI 
 Dock Equipment 
SOLD Used Dockplate by Uline 60" W x 48" L, Model # H1286, 3,158# capacity400.00RI 
SOLD Used Platform Scale with Weigh-Tronix Display, Capacity 5000 x 1lb. Mdl# WI-125 (1740 HA)$900.00RI 
SOLD Used 60" L x 72" W Dockboard with with side curbs$825.00RI 
SOLD Used Dock Board 60"D x 72"W x 5" High. Capacity 10,000 lbs Fair condition. Comes with two chains welded to the side for easy relocation with forklift. Weight of plate 241 lbs (1681FA)$430.00RI 
SOLD Used Yardramp: 16,000# Capacity, 36' Overall Length, 6' Level Surface, 30' Ramp, 5'8" overall width, 5' between curbsCALLRI 
 Drawer Units 
SOLD Surplus Rousseau Parts Storage Cabinet with 2 Drawers - 60" wide x 24" deep x 48" overall high - 4" Recessed Toe Kick Base - 1 Drawer @ 4", 1 Drawer @ 6" - 1 Bottom shelf with 30" Clear to Drawers - Drawers have 400# Capacity each with Full Extension - Drawers are Empty with No Compartments. Partitions and Dividers are available separately. - Additional Drawers can be added to this unit at any time. Regular Price for this configuration: $ 1,244 Scratch & Dent Seconds Price: $746$746.00RI 
SOLD Surplus Rousseau Workstation Cabinet with 4 Drawers & Roll-Out Shelf, - 48" wide x 24" deep x 38" overall high - 4" Recessed Toe Kick Base - Drawers have 400# Capacity each with Full Extension - 2 Drawers @ 3", 1 Drawer @ 6", 1 Drawer @ 8" Face & 1 Roll-Out Shelf w/7" Clear - Drawers are Empty with No Compartments. Partitions and Dividers are available separately. Regular Price for this configuration: $ 1,217 Scratch & Dent Seconds Price: $730 $730.00RI 
NEW STOCK Click on the SPECIALS tab at the top of the page, then on NEW EQUIPMENT to see what we have for NEW DRAWER CABINETS in STOCK.CALL!RI 
SOLD Durham MFG 72 drawer unit with base. Overall dimensions 34 1/8"W x 12 1/4"D x 48 1/4"H Numerous options for small part storage and sorting. $435.00RI 
 Ergonomic Lifting 
Used Workstation Jib Crane Workstation Jib Cranes offer ergonomic lifting and transfer of repetitive loads. These small cranes are faster than motorized jibs and are very affordable. 12' Underclearance. 6' Long Span Freestanding unit 75# capacity $695.00RI 
Used Southworth Pallet Pals,Model # P.PAL 11R-4 43 1/2" Radius, 28" High open , 9" collapsed, Turntable Spins for easy access, Automatically adjusts as product is added or removed. Spring mechanism requires no power source. Free Standing Fork pockets for easy relocation. 400-800lb capacity $1,100.00 EARI 
Spanco Gantry Cranes. 107"-122" Lengths available. One ton through five ton. Gantry Cranes are portable and lightweight and are ideal for lifting and positioning heavy loads. Hoist are also available up to 5 tons.CALL!RI 
SOLD Stanley Stak System, Floor Operated Captive Crane System for Pallet Storage and Retrieval. System is 2 Rows of 6 Bays long x 13' high with 4 to 5 pallets per bay. Each Pallet has a 42" x 42" surface and holds up to 2,000# per pallet. Pallet locations are adjustable within each bay to maximize storage density and efficiency. There are 54 Captive Pallets with this system and extra pallets would be available if required. A Single Operator picks and places pallets from the floor with the powered overhead crane system. No forklift is required. Overall System Size: 15'-2" wide (Including the 7'-10" Operating Aisle) x 29' long x 15'-5" overall height with crane.$21,500RI 
TDA Buddy Ergonomic Air-Operated Dual Arm Manipulator, Pedestal Floor Mount, 150# Capacity, 54" Lift Height from floor, 102" Reach, Swivels over 240 degrees, End Effector Grip 14" wide open x 8" wide closed. (1349IOAC)$7,995RI 
SOLD Presto Mobile Work Positioner, 24" Adjustable Forks with 18" load center, 6" lowered x 72" raised, Coil Cord with Hand Control Riase/Lower, 115/230 Volt, 1PH, plug-in operation.CALL!RI 
TDA Buddy Ergonomic Air-Operated Dual Arm Manipulator, Pedestal Floor Mount, 150# Capacity, 48" Lift Height from 4" off floor, 88" Reach, 12' overall high, Swivels over 240 degrees, with End Effector Grip. Other End Grips and Custom Fixtures available to fit your specific product. (1349IOAB)$4,995RI 
SOLD Mobile Ergonomic Work Positioners, 19.5" wide x 32" long x 29" raised height, 10-3/4" lowered height, Push Handle one end, Foot Operated Manual Pump Up and Lower controls, swivel casters with locks. Save your Back - Buy a Lift!$248/eachRI 
 Fans & Blowers 
Used Dayton 36" Commercial Air Circulator, Model # 3C674C, 115V. 1 Phase. Unit is on wheels but can be mounted on a wall or an I beam (1720BC) $325.00RI 
Spencer Centrifugal Single Stage Scroll Blower, Model M1007-SS, 7.5 HP, 2080230/460V 3PH, 8" inlet and 8" outlet. These are Surplus, never used. Used for in-plant industrial, commercial and municipal applications and in OEM equipment for compost and wastewater aeration, temperature control, combustion air delivery, ventilation, materials handling, air curtains and drying. (1442HA/HB)$1,895/eachRI 
TPI Industrial Pedestal base fans, this item has never been used and is a factory Surplus unit at a discounted price. Specifications are 30" radius, between 55" and 78" adjustable height, 120 volt, 2.7 amps. Great for moving stagnant air around garage or warehouse. Very quiet with easy pull chain for turning on and off. (1720BA)$250.00RI 
Dayton 20" diameter Wall or Ceiling Mount Fans, 1550 RPM, 1/15 HP, 110V Motor, with Hanger Bracket. (1072G)$75.00 EARI 
SOLD Pedestal Fans, 30" diameter, Heavy Duty 2-Speed, 1/2 HP, 110V, Extra Large Base. $165/eachRI 
 Flow Rack 
24 Used Pallet double Wheel Flow Rail with brakes and stops 147" LCallRI 
48 Used Single Wheel Pallet Flow Rail 147" L with stop. CallRI 
100 Carton Flow Racks save up to 75 percent of labor costs compared to a static storage system 96" W x 90" D x 96" H, 4 Shelves per bay, 9 Lanes per shelf Starter Bay $650.00 Add on Bay $550.00$650.00 EARI 
100 pcs Logitech Pallet Flow Rails with Sloped Supports, 102" long, Sloped from 6.5" down to 3". Replace the bottom level of your double deep pallet rack with these Flow Rails for Automatic FIFO product delivery. Load from the Rear and Pick from the Front. Use with 2 Rails as shown or with 3 Rails for heavy loads or weaker pallets.$48/RailRI 
SOLD Used Flow rack beds,96" x 90"D Mount in your 96"W rack. We can also provide complete units. CALL!RI 
SOLD Spantrack & RhinoDeck Carton Roller Track, 3/4" rollers on 2" & 3" centers. Use to turn your existing back-to-back pallet rack into Carton Flow Rack for First-In First-Out product rotation, fits on your existing beams with hanger brackets. We have 9", 12", & 15" wide x 61", 86", 96" and 110" long. We will cut to fit your application. CALL with Your Requirements.CALL!RI 
23  sections Unarco Carton Flow Rack 10' high, 3 Shelves per Bay, 108" wide x 100 deep (23" pan shelf front and 77" roller tracks, 16 roller tracks per shelf. These shelves are completely knocked down for most efficient shipping. Available OCT 1.CALL!RI 
150 Pallet Flow Rails, 2 Styles: Plastic Staggered Dual Wheel and Steel Dual Wheel, 8' long with End Stops. Brakes available. Call us with your requirements and we will provide a design and pricing for your specific application.CALL!RI 
12 bays Carton Flow Rack, Pallet Rack supported with Pallet Storage above, 94" wide x 96" deep, Drop Front Shelf. Call us with your requirements! Picture shows Shelf Detail Only. CALL!RI 
SOLD Bays Kingway Carton Flow Rack, 60" w & 72" w X 92" D, 4 shelves w/ 4 lanes.CALL!RI 
 Hoists & Cranes 
Spanco 10 Ton Motorized Gantry Cranes. Model # 10FP3517B. 18' underclearance, 20' top of beam width, 33' clear between rails, Rail length 68'. Will sell separately with or without floor rails. Excellent condition. Available for inspection. Please call for price. CALLRI 
Gorbel Free Standing Workstation Bridge Crane, 250# Capacity 8' Bridge Beam, 8' x 8' Working Area, 124" Clear Under Beam, 138" Overall High, 108" x 112" Overall Dimensions.CALL!RI 
Electric Cable and Chain Hoists, 1/20th Ton to 3 Ton Capacities, models available with 120V and 230/460V power connections, 10' Lift on most models, some higher.CALL!RI 
Used Garlin Rolling Ladder, 8 Step 24" W, 75" Top of Step, 106" Overall Height Bottom Step Activated Lock (1849AC)$499.00RI 
SOLD Used Cotterman Ladder, 7 Step, 70" Top of Step 30" Wide, 100" Overall Height 350" Capacity, Bottom Step Activated Lock$549.00RI 
Used 12 Step Rolling Ladder 24" W, 115" Top of Step, 143" Overall Height, Bottom Step Activated Lock (1849AE)$889.00RI 
Surplus Uline Ladders 11 Step, 24" W, 109" Top of Step, 140" Overall Height 450# capacity, Bottom Step Activated Lock (1849AD) $749.00 EARI 
8 Step Uline Used Rolling Ladders, 24" Wide Step, 79" to top step, 110" Overall height 450# capacity, Bottom step activated lock (1849AA)599.00 EARI 
SOLD Used Louisville Rolling Ladder, 4 Step, 24" Wide, 39" Top of step, Overall Height 71"$250.00RI 
Used Garlin Rolling Ladder, 7 Step, 24" Wide, 66" top of step, Overall Height 96". 29" Deep top step (1838C)$400.00RI 
Used Ballymore Rolling Ladders, 6 Step, 16" W , 60" High to top step. Overall Height 92". Weight Actuated Bottom Step (1838A)$460.00 EARI 
Used 9 Step Rolling Ladder by Cotterman, 24" Wide steps, 33" w Overall, 90" to top step, 132" Overall Height. 24" x 24" Platform with Toe-Kick, foot pedal activated lockstep (401BB)$650.00RI 
SOLD Used Tri-Arc Rolling Ladders 24" W, 8 Step 76" H Top Step 106" Overall Height Weight actuated lock on bottom stepCALL!RI 
SOLD Used Tri-Arc 7 Step Rolling Ladder, 67" H top of step 97" Overall Height 20" W$495.00RI 
SOLD Used 14 Step Rolling Ladders by AGF, Model # 1584G. These Ladders are 24" W x 127" top of step and 166" overall height with a 20" platform. These rolling ladders have the Pull and Roll Lever System which allows the user to pull the lever to activate the rolling mechanism, and lift the feet from the ground. When lever is released, the ladders feet get back on the ground offering total stability. This items can ship KD to save space (1704AA)$1,100.00RI 
Used 9 Step Rolling Ladders 24" W x 84" top of step, 450 lb capacity425.00RI 
Used 3 step, rolling ladder, weight actuated spring loaded brake system, 26"W x 31"H x 24"D 450 lb capacity (401HB)$168.00RI 
Used 12 Step Rolling Safety Ladders, 120" Top of Step, 153" Overall Height, 24" Wide Treads with 21" Deep Top Step. 32" wide Base. Abrasive Mat Tread. Can Ship KD or Assembled for an additional charge.$897.00RI 
 Lift Equipment 
SOLD Used Forklift Maintenance Platform, 1000# capacity. 36" x 48" Locking Gate and Midrail. Fork pockets. Casters to enable easy positioning without forklift. (1818DA)$465.00RI 
SOLD Used Raymond Electric Pallet Jack-Low Hours-Great Condition Model # 8210, 48" L Forks, 24V Built in Charger, Elevated height 9", Electric Brake Release Total Hours on machine only 976, 4500# Capacity$3,800.00 RI 
Used Southworth Pallet Pals - Model #P.PAL 11R-4 43 1/2" Radius, 28" High open , 9" collapsed, Turntable Spins for easy access, Automatically adjusts as product is added or removed, Spring mechanism requires no power source, Free Standing Fork pockets for easy relocation, 400-2000lb capacity $1,100.00 EaRI 
Used Walkie Straddle Stacker, NEW BATTERIES 24V on board charger, 2000# lift capacity, 110" Lift Height, Model # MSW020, Year 2006$4,800.00RI 
Used Yale Powered Industrial "Walkie" Pallet Jack. Model # MPB040-EN24T2748. 4000# capacity at 24" load center. 27" x 48" forks. Lowered height 3.25". Built in automatic 110 Volt charger with AC plug.$3,250.00RI 
SOLD Used Maintenance Platform by Hercules Model KI-160 36" x 36" Platform with slip resistant tread, 44" High Guardrail, 60" H safety screen for employee protection, Swing out gate 7" H fork pockets, 4" non locking casters $375.00RI 
Used Crown Electric Ride on Pallet Jack-6000# capacity Model # 60-PE-22-3, 24 Volts 27" x 48" Forks Price included 24 V Charger$1,950.00RI 
Drexel Swingmast fork truck #SLT30-920695-296. This is a Used truck that comes with all service records, forktruck manual and battery charger for the 36 volt battery. Overall height of truck 89"H , Mast height when lower is 88"H, Max lifting height before mast extends is 69" H. Maximum fork spread 32"W and minimum is 8". Total raised height of foks are 16.5'. $16,000RI 
SOLD Mini Maxx Tote and platform lift, MMS-20, platform size 24" x 20",overall height 38", PLatform lowered height 8" and raised height 33". 5 " Poly wheels with Brakes on the casters for securely locking lift. Capacity of 440lbs Total weight is 100 lbs. $500.00RI 
SOLD Ballymore forklift personnel platform, 1000 capacity, Dimensions 36" x 36", 60"expanded metal back, screen shields operator from fork lift mast. 42" high rails with midrails, 4" toeboards and locking gate. Rugged steel construction with Non-skid platform, 2" x 7" fork pockets mounted on 29" centers and Safety chain secures platform to mast. Safety orange powder coat finish. $375.00RI 
SOLD Forliftable Work Platforms, 36" wide x 48" deep x 66" & 72" oveall high, 42" high side rails with 4-sided Toe Kick, Back Stop (forklift side) is 60" to 66" high, Fork Pockets with Locking Chain or Clamps, Front Swing Gate for Easy Entry/Exit.$375/eachRI 
SOLD Presto Straddle Stacker Model PSTA-2127, 127" Lift Height, 2000 lb. Capacity with 24" Load center, Heavy-duty 12 volt deep cycle battery with built in charger, Adjustable Straddle base, Hand operated floor lock, Fifth wheel steeting for greater mobility, Forks adjust from 6-1/2" to 30" O.D., Straddle base adjusts to 50" ID. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $2,650RI 
SOLD Presto Scissor Lifts, 24" x 36" platform, 5-1/2" lowered hight, 30" raised hieght, 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 1000# capacity, foot pedal controls, LIKE NEW. Ball Transfers NOT available.$1,350RI 
SOLD Snorkel Wildcat Model SL20 Aerial Work Platform, 30" x 90" Platform Size, 20' Platform Raised Height (26' nominal working height), Overall Size 33" x 91" x 79" High (Lowered), 800# Capacity, Battery Operated with Built-in Charger, 3,800#. All are Osha approved inspected and come with manufacturers manual.$5,995RI 
Southworth Heavy Duty High-Lift Scissor Lifts, 30" x 69" platform, 101" Raised Height, 17" Lowered Height, 4,000# capacity, Remote Hydraulic Pump, 230/460V 3PH operation. Excellent Condition. Unit Weight: 2,200#.$5,995/eaRI 
Slip Sheet Attachment for Forklifts, Pul-Pac Model #3500AT-24-LC CALL!RI 
SOLD Bank of 6 half door lockers. Color-Gray. Overall dimensions are 12" D x 36" W x 67" H. Lockers have single prong hooks inside. Doors are equipped with handle to accept combination locks (Not included)$65.00/DoorRI 
Factory Surplus full door lockers: 12"W x 18"D x 78"H w/recessed handle, 1 shelf, hanger bar and hooks. $99.00 per doorRI 
SOLD 6 door sections of factory surplus lockers. Dimensions 18"D x 78"H x 36"W Like new condition$65.00 per doorRI 
70 Used Lyons full door lockers in banks of 3. These lockers are in great condition and all are locking. We do have the combinations for all of the lockers. Dimensions are 15"D x 72"H x 36"W. $450.00 per 3 door section. (1676AA/AB) $150.00 per doorRI 
SOLD Sections of Used Republic storage lockers compartment size 18"H x 12"W x 12"H. Three options available 10 > 12 door sections 36"W x 78"H x 12"D , 14 > 16 door sections 48"W x 78"H x 12"D , 1 > 20 door section 60"W x 78"H x 12"DCALL!RI 
SOLD Sets of 5 Doors, Each Set has 1 Full Door 12" x 72" x 12" deep plus 4 Half Doors 12" x 36" x 12" deep. Half the units have the Full Door on the Side, Half have the Full Door in the Center. (1570 EB/EC)$245/GroupRI 
Lyons Half Door Lockers,18" D x 76" H OAH With combination & Keys, 4 or 6 doors per section $65.00 per doorRI 
SOLD doors 2-Tier Lockers, in Banks of 6 Doors, 36" wide x 12" deep x 78" high, Each opening 12" wide x 12" deep x 36" high, Color: Gray.$48/doorRI 
18 Republic Box Lockers, 18 Doors (3 wide x 6 high) per Group, 12" w x 18" h x 12" deep, 78" overall high. Combination Locks with Master Key. $29.50/DoorRI 
SOLD Lyon Metal Full Door Lockers, 12" W x 18" D x 78" H, Color: Tan, Excellent Condition.CALL!RI 
SOLD Penco Slim-Line Lockers with combination or pad lock hasp, 2 door openings per section 7.5" W x 21" Deep x 60" H with 2 openings above at 15" wide x 12" high, available in 6 doors per group ONLY.CALL!RI 
 Miscellaneous Items 
Fabricated Small Office/Mezzanine. Overall size 14'6" x 7'. 84" underclearance. One stairway with Landing. 2,400.00RI 
Piqua Vertical Baler- Model # HD2200. Balers are ideal for compacting cardboard and paper, allowing for easier storage and transportation. $6750.00RI 
SOLD LF Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Protection Guide Angle, 3" x 4" x 3/8" thick, mostly 20' lengths, other sizes available. Pre-punched with holes for floor anchors every 24". We also have 3" x 3" floor angle available. Call us with your layout.Starting at $4.50 LFRI 
55 Gallon drum dollie, 450lb cpacity 23"W, with steel wheels$65.00RI 
Trade Show Audio & Video Control System in Shipping Case. Equipment includes: 1 - Sony Trinitron commercial monitor, 2 - VCR Tape Players, 1 - Dual Cassette Player, 1 - Wireless Microphone Contoller with 1 - Wireless Handheld Microphone and 1 - Lavalier Clip-on Wireless Microphone, 1 - Power Amplifier, 1 - Equalizer, 1 - Speaker Output Connection Box, Full set of Audio and Video Cables. All Equipment is mounted in a Trade Show Travel Case in perfect condition. All equipment appears to be in working order (see photos), but no warranty is expressed on implied for any of the equipment. Case is 22" wide x 23" deep x 56" overall high with dolly. This unit is sold As Is.$750.00RI 
Advance 4800 Captor Sweeper Scrubber, Very Good Condition, Low Hours, Includes EXIDE Superhog 36V Battery and Auto Charger. Part# 56303000, S/N 1731492. Available Immediately, FOB: CT Make an Offer!RI 
SOLD Fox Vertical Baler, Model #36, 36" x 24" x 27" bale, 5 HP motor, 208-230/460V 3PH.CALL!RI 
26 Rolls FACTORY SURPLUS Anti-Fatigue Matting, 3/8" thick x 3' wide x 60' long, Ribbed Finish, Color: Black (Some Gray available). Some very minor surface blemishes that do not affect usage. Ideal for Picking Lines, Work Stations, Machine Shops, Tool Room Counters. Sold in Full Rolls ONLY. Made in America - Not an Import! Single Rolls are UPS-able, Multiple Rolls shipped on a pallet. FOB: Factory.$298/rollRI 
40 Asia-Pacific ISO Standard EPS Pallets, 43" x 43" x 4"High, 2,000# Capacity, Fully Jacketed Expanded PolyStyrene, Four-Way Entry with Forklift Only, Shock Absorbing & Thermal Insulating, Fully Customs Compliant! Some with minor damage, but all are structurally sound. SAVE EXPORT FREIGHT CHARGES! Each Pallet Weighs ONLY 9# (Compare to 50# wood pallets) MINIMUM PURCHASE: 10 PIECES $15/eachRI 
SOLD Dazor Floating Arm All-Angle Task Light, Model 795-C, 60W Incandescent Lamp Rotates 360 deg for Best Lighting, Clamps to Workbench or Desk, Light Touch Positions Lamp to any Position and HOLDS that position. These units are SURPLUS, Brand New in Box.$140/eachRI 
Shar Hydraulic Pump (1993) Model #: DSGK600/200TLFBX, Ser #: 41053893, with 2 Lincoln 30 HP Motors, 460V 3PH. CALL!RI 
25 HEAVY DUTY Plastic Pallets, 58" x 58" x 6" high, Structural Plastic I-Beam Lumber. Built Strong to Last Long!$60/eachRI 
19 HEAVY DUTY Plastic Pallets, 58" x 58" x " high, Recycled Structural Plastic Lumber. These will last through rain, sleet, snow & gloom of night!$60/eachRI 
40 Micro-Mesh Access Floor Panels, 2' x 2' x 1.5" high, Fiberglass Reinforced, Heavy Capacity, Corrosion Resistant, ADA Compliant openings between bearing bars. Excellent condition! Good for drainage trench covers.$48/panelRI 
SOLD Acoustic Sound Deadening Panels, 24.5" wide x 72" long x 7/8" thick, white.$25/eachRI 
 Office Equipment 
Dry Erase Boards. Easy to use nonporous surface wipes clean. Melamine surface. Sizes available: (5) 36" x 48" $ 40.00 each and (1) 24" x 36" $20.00 $20-40.00 eachRI 
SOLD Flat Files, Stacor Model #STA40, 40" W x 28" D x 17-1/2" H,5 drawer, tan250.00RI 
SOLD Literature File, 56 Drawer, Each Drawer holds 1 stack (about 1-1/2" high) of 8-1/2" x 11" paper or literature. Easy Access and Efficient Storage for a large quantity of documents. There a few minor blemishes in the paint finish.$295RI 
SOLD Modular Office Building, Forkliftable, 7' wide x 8' long, Windows on 3 sides, Door on 7' side. $2,900RI 
 Packaging Equipment 
Used Fox C-3 Low Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch wrapper. Increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue and strain, Semi-Automatic stretch wrapper is the ideal solution for low and medium volume pallet wrapping. Features a pre-stretch film carriage that cuts down on access film use. These units offer the following: 24 Volt control systems Flush mounted control panel 56" diameter steel turntable plate heavy duty #50 chain and sprocket drive system 3" from floor to top of turntable Suggested maximum load size is 55" L x 55" W x 90" H Emergency Push button power On/Off switch Ramp available for $500.00 $5,500.00RI 
Used Uline Kraft manual tape Dispencer Model H-725: Sturdy corrosion resistant body with high quality blades. Cuts tape up to 43" long. Fits tape widths 1 1/2" - 4" wide, weight 2lbs $175.00RI 
Used Tape dispenser: MARSH TD 2100 portable manual paper gum tape dispenser. Portable and sturdy for easy use and maintenance. 10" x 18"D x 12"H. Complete with water bottle. Tape not included $175.00RI 
3-M Random Case Taper, Model 800r3, Top & Bottom Sealing Heads for random or fixed box sizes, Air and 110V Electric Operation, Adjustable Height, Side Security Cages.CALL!RI 
SOLD Lantech Q300 Semi-Automatic Low Profile Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper with Powered Pre-Stretch for Film Savings, 4,000# Capacity, 80" maximum Load Height, 65" diameter Turntable, 115V Operation.CALL!RI 
Eastey Semi-Automatic L-Sealer, Model EM16T, 16" x 20" seal area, 220 Volts, 1 Phase Power.CALL!RI 
Carton Taper, 3M Model 77R, Dual Top and Bottom Drive Belts, Top and Bottom Sealing Heads for 2" tape, Random case sizes, 110V & Air Operation. Conveyor feed and take-away available at additional cost.$4,600RI 
 Pallet Rack 
SOLD Used Keystone Beams 99" x 3.5" - 4.25" face. Step style. Wire Decks also available CALL!RI 
<<<< We offer FREE Layout & Design Assistance for Warehousing Facilities, Fulfillment and Parts Storage Operations ................ CALL NOW for personal help with storage problems: 1-800-711-8698.** FREE **RI 
SOLD Use Tear drop pallet rack starters and adders Units. Unit dimensions are 30"D x 96"H x 96" Wide, load beam 96" x 3" face (3000 lb capacity per level). Starter units consist of 2 Uprights, 4 load beams, and 4 wire decks @ $224.00 per section. Adder Units consist of 1 Upright, 4 load beams and 4 wire decks @ $171.00 per section. Additional levels consist of 2 load beams and 2 wire decks for $59.00 per level. Adder units $171.00 per section. All materials are in great condition with a like New appearance. Starter unit $224.00RI 
SOLD Used Unarco t-Bolt pallet rack Uprights and beams in great condition. Uprights 42"D x 20'H , Beams 120" x 4"face (3300 lb cap) & 144" x 5" Face (3700 lb cap). Please call to discuss your application and layout as well as pricing. Fees do apply for cutting uprights to fit your needs.CALL!RI 
80+ Used Keystone pallet rack: Uprights 42"D x 8'H -17' H and Step beams 96" x 5000# cap per pair. Also available are New flared wire decking if needed. Frames can be cut to fit your application. Product is in great shape and is being stored inside our facility. Please call or email for a quote. CALL!RI 
300 Teardrop Style Pallet Rack, Uprights 42" deep x 16' high with 3" x 3" columns, also a wide variety of beams to match. CALL!RI 
80+  Bays of Ridge-U-Rack Pallet rack, Upright 32"D x 12'H w/ 3" x 3" column legs. 125" x 5.5" Face, full step beams, 6800 lb capacity. Other Beam sizes also available Use multiple levels to organize your heavy duty storage needs. Please call for assistance on layouts, you application needs and pricing. CALL!RI 
200 bays Teardrop Style Heavy Duty Pallet Rack, 42" deep x 8' high to 26' high, available with 8', 9' and 10' beams, Excellent Conditions. CALL with YOUR REQUIREMENTS!CALL!RI 
SOLD Pallet Positions (31 double bays) of Frazier Style Structural Push Back Racking, 3 Deep x 6 High. Uprights 31' high, 4" Structural Column, Reinforced Front Column. Excellent Condition. Available Immediately. Can be Cut Down for Shorter Applications.$85/PPRI 
40 Pallet Rack Upright Row End Protectors, 5" high x 48.5" long x 7" front, Wraps Around Front of Upright for Full Protection, Lag to floor in 4 places.$65/eachRI 
SOLD sections Teardrop Style Pallet Rack, Uprights 42" deep x 24' high with 3" x 3" columns, Crossbeams 96" wide x 6,000# capacity per pair, with Heavy Duty Wire Rack Decks, 42" deep x 46" wide with 3,000# capacity, evenly distributed. We also have some 141" Aisle Bridge Beams.CALL!RI 
SOLD sections Keystone Style Pallet Rack, 42" deep x 18' high with 96" Beams, 4,000 lb # capacity per level. Gray Uprights, Yellow Beams. Wire Rack Decks are Available for this Rack. CALL US with your layout.CALL!RI 
SOLD sections Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack, 42" deep x 20' high, 96" long beams with 5,700# capacity. Excellent Condition.CALL!RI & PA 
100 Bolt-on Pallet Rack post protectors for 4" face columns 12" high, Heavy Duty 5/16" Steel CALL!RI 
695 Pallet Rack Post Protectors, 12" high x 3" deep x 4" & 5" wide, Medium Duty 1/8" Steel Frame, 5.5" x 8.5" Base Plate with 4 lag holes. Yellow, Orange, and Red. Avoid Column Damage - Buy Now!CALL!RI 
SOLD M-Bar Separators used to divide sections of a pallet rack bay for vertical storage of long items: molding, conduit, tubing, pipe, etc. Attaches to crossbeams in rear of rack. Many different heights available. from $12RI 
12 Rack Repair Frames, designed to repair seriously damaged pallet rack upright frames without dismantling the rack and be Stronger than the original rack. Availble in 36", 42" and 48" deep. Call us for help with your rack repair.CALL!RI 
 Safety & Hazmat Equipment 
Factory Second 2 gallon Flammable Storage Cabinets 17" W x 18" D x 17" H 1 Shelf Flush Mounted Door handle with lock Meets all NFPA Code 30 and OSHA specifications BLOW OUT PRICING$110.00 EARI 
46 Factory Seconds Flammable Storage Cabinets 4 Gallon 17" W x 18" D x 22" H 1 Shelf Flush Mounted Door handle with lock Meets all NFPA Code 30 and OSHA specifications BLOW OUT PRICING$125.00EARI 
Used Safety Cabinet-12 Gallon Spacesaver 23" W x 18" D x 35" H 1 Shelf Flush Mounted Door handle with lock Meets all NFPA Code 30 and OSHA specifications BLOW OUT PRICING150.00 EARI 
Used Corner Bollard-Wrap around protection for Corners, Machinery or offices 41" W x 42" H$145.00RI 
30 Used Machinery and Rack Guards-The ideal solution to protect machinery and racking 48" L x 11" H, Price does not inclde harware. Quantity discounts available (1797EA)$150.00 EARI 
Call USED SAFETY GUARD RAIL Warehouse Guard Rail provides a highly visible steel safety barrier in your facility. This rail can be installed throughout your building to protect walkways, machinery, and mezzanines. Many different lengths available. Contact us with your requirements for a quoteCALL!RI 
Used 95 gallon Wheeled - Poly overpack Selvage drum. Model# 1299-YE, Load capacity 250 lbs. Filled with spill protection materials as well as clean up gear. This model without materials goes for well over $850.00 $450.00RI 
Guard Rail Sections, Bolt-Together Modular Style, Single or Double Rails, 42" & 44" high post 4" x 4" w/18" footplates. Rails 115", and 91" long x 12" Wide. We can configure to match your requirements.CALL!RI 
SOLD 110 Gallon Factory Second Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet, 2 x 55 Gal drum capacity, Half Shelf for transfer containers & funnels, with welded supports or Conveyor Rollers to load/unload drums. 1352.00 & $1458.00RI 
SOLD Factory second scratch and dent Flammable storage cabinet. 55 Gallon Vertical drum cabinet, 31 1/4"W x 31 1/4"D x 65"H with one shelf and keys. Two options are available for purchase, 1 with supports or one with rollers inside.$605.00 & $676.00RI 
15 30 Gallon standard Factory Second scratch and dent safety cabinet. NFPA Code 30 & Osha approved. Dimensions: 43"W x 18"D x 44"H w/ 1 shelf and keys for locking doors.$444.00RI 
SOLD Horizontal Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet, Holds Eight 20 Lb or 33.5 Lb LPG Cylinders. Cabinet will accept 20 lb and 33-1/2 lb LPG cylinders. Door feature padlock hasp to secure contents (padlock not included) and magnets to keep doors safely shut when not locked. Per-punched lagging holes in feet for anchoring to the ground; these units ship fully welded, ready for use. $350.00RI 
15 gallon flammable safety cabinet comes with two manual-closing doors. Dimensions 43"W x 18.5"D x 22"H, Double walled with 1�" airspace; 18-gauge welded steel construction. Safety cabinet features 2" raised leak-proof door sill, grounding screw connection and dual 2" vents with fire baffle and cap. Meet NFPA Code 30 and 29 OSHA CFR 1910.106 requirements. Option for additional shelf ($47.00) for some models, with shelf you can store 104 standard aerosol cans.$232.00RI 
Heavy Duty Tensabarrier Black/Yellow 13' long webbing. Ideal for manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Suitable for outdoor use and hard wearing base for high traffic areas with frequent abuse. $99.00 eachRI 
Versa Guard heavy duty crowd control barricades. 50"H x 11'Wide(open)x 15"Wide, with casters and locking latch. $160.00 eachRI 
(KIT) SKA20-R KIT, REFILL- 20 Gallon Lab Pack (New in box) is a UN approved water and chemical resistant polyethylene Lab Pack container with screw top lid for small to medium response of any material. Contents (12) - 15" x 19" Pads (3) - 3" x 12' SOCs (2) - 18" x 18" Pillows (1) - Pair Nitrile Gloves (3) - Disposal Bags Goggles Emergency Response Handbook $95.00RI 
20 Gallon Lab Pack - Allwik The Allwik 20 Gallon Lab Pack is a UN approved water and chemical resistant polyethylene Lab Pack container with screw top lid for small to medium response of any material. Contents (12) - 15" x 19" Pads (3) - 3" x 12' SOCs (2) - 18" x 18" Pillows (1) - Pair Nitrile Gloves (3) - Disposal Bags Goggles Emergency Response Handbook$170.00RI 
83 FACTORY SECONDS! Flammable and Hazardous Material Safety Storage Cabinets, from 4 gal to 110 gal capacity, for containers from Spray Cans and Quarts to 5 Gallon Pails and 30 & 55 Gallon Drums. Floor Standing, Wall Mount, Under Counter, Space Saver & Stacking Styles. CALL US at 800-711-8698.from $203.00RI 
Spill Containment Overpack Drums, 95 gallon capacity, Chemical Resisitant high density polyethylene, 31" diameter x 41.5" high with Screw Top Lid. $98RI 
Guard Rail Sections, Bolt-Together Modular Style, Single or Double Rails, 42" & 44" high, with 48", 72", and 96" long sections. We can configure to match your requirements.CALL!RI 
Surplus Sartorius Signum 1 Scale. This item has never been used. 6 key control with data transfer to PC. 3 kg x 0.1 g$1,200.00RI 
SOLD Used Platform Scale with Weigh-Tronix Display, Capacity 5000 x 1lb. Mdl# WI-125 (1740 HA)$900.00RI 
CUBISCAN 100 This item is being sold for parts as it is unable to do Dimensional measurements anymore. It is fully functional as a scale up to a 100 lbs and has power cord included. This model is Used and does not come with any software or cable for computer applications. All parts and service can be done through the cubiscan company and will be done through the customers accord. 1200.00RI 
SOLD Toledo Electronic Platform Floor Scale, 48" x 72" platform with Side Rails, 5,000# capacity, remote indicator with digital display, 110V operation, 20" long Ramp for use with hand / pallet trucks.$798RI 
National Controls Model 3585, Ball Transfer Scale, 250# capacity x .05#, 20" x 20" platform, 6" staggered ball pattern, 25 balls per top, RS232 computer interface connection, used in 18" or 24" wide conveyor line for weighing cartons prior to shipping.$195/eachRI 
Conveyor Scales, Designed to fit in an 18" or 24" wide conveyor line for weighing packages in a continuous shipping operation. CALL!RI 
SOLD Cubiscan 100L Ultrasonic Cube & Weigh System, cube capacity to 24" x 24" x 36" and 100# weight. Can be interfaced for computerized shipping programs. $5950RI 
Used order picking shelving units. Consist of two flat shelves top and bottom and 5 slanted shelves. This shelving unit is perfect for loading from backside while be able to pick materials from the front. A raised lip and spreader bar stops products from falling off. Dimensions are 24"D x 48"L x 7'H w/7 levels, 2 flat and 5 slanted. Capacity of 100 lbs per shelf142.00RI 
SOLD Factory Surplus (like New) Rivet rack shelving with wire decking. Two depths are available 18" and 24" both x 72"W x 84"H w/ 4 levels. This heavy duty boltless shelving can hold 1300 per level evenly distributed. Front and back beams are Double rivet channel beams that add more stability as well as weight capacity to these shelving unit. Extra levels are available. Please call for adjusted pricing 183.16 and 247.00RI 
Rousseau Metal, Short Beam Tire Rack, Holds up to 12 Tires per section 36" wide x 15" deep x 85" high with 3 Tire Levels Regular Price: $177/each Sale Price: $135/each$135.00RI 
Heavy duty Metro shelving unit with 6 Galvanized solid shelves: Dimensions 24"D x 60"W x 63"H . Unit does come disassembled and is available for shipping for additional cost. Total weight capacity of unit is 2000 lbs. $385.00RI 
SOLD Like New Metal-ware record storage shelving sections. 100" H x 15"D x 42"W, each section comes with 9 shelves include the top shelf and has 8 usable spaces holding 24 banker boxes. Each starter section includes 9 shelves, two side brace, one back brace and shelving clips. Call for additional quantity discounts. $98.00 per starter sectionRI 
units New Rousseau Metal shelving, consisting of 2 Starter units and 6 Add-On units, 48" wide x 12" deep x 99" high with 7 shelves per unit (note: picture shows 8 shelves). This is Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving, 550#/shelf capacity, clip type adjustable, Charcoal Gray Color, still in Factory Packaging. Special Discount!CALL!RI 
MetroMax Q Polymer Mat Shelving, 24" deep x 60" wide x 72" high with 4 Shelves, 600# capacity per shelf, 2,000# capacity max per unit. Polymer Mats are smooth on top to protect your products and remove easily for cleaning in a sink or machine, Shelves Adjust easily without tools using corner release tab. Freestanding and accessible from all 4 sides. (Some 72" wide units available)$248/eachRI 
1000 Republic Steel Shelves, 24" deep x 36" wide. We can configure units to your height and number of shelves. Call us for layout assistance.CALL!RI 
26 MetroMax Q Open Plastic Grid Shelves, 24" deep x 60" wide. SHELVES ONLY! You need to purchase the posts and wedge connectors as separate items. Also Available: (14) 24" d x 72" w shelves @ $45/each.$35/eachRI 
200 Wire Shelf Dividers for Eagle or Metro Style Shelves, 8" High, for 24" deep Wire Shelves, Clip-in-Place, Easily Removed and Repositioned. 100 - 18" deep Available. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!$8.50/eachRI 
Chrome Wire Rack Dunnage Shelves, 24" deep x 72" long x 33" high with 2 Adjustable Shelves. These units are clean and in good condition, BUT they are very hard to assemble. However, at this price, there will be no reason to complain.$98/eachRI 
SOLD units Steel Shelving, Republic Clip Type, 18" x 36" x 7' high, Open Sides and Backs, Putty. Can be configured with any number of shelves to suit your application. Call Us with your requirements!CALL!RI 
25 units Archive Storage Shelving, Metalware, 30" deep x 42" wide x 6'-4" high, designed to hold 6 or 12 bankers boxes per shelf. See our TECH ARTICLES> SPACE UTILIZTION for Record Storage Application Guidelines. Also great for Bulk Storage of large boxes.CALL!RI 
SOLD Clip Type Steel Shelving units 24" d x 48" w x 8' h with 7 shelves w/400 # capacity, gray. $112/unitRI 
 Shop Equipment 
SOLD Used Shop Desks- Organize your paperwork in busy Shipping and Receiving areas. Large, solid writing surface with 4 Compartment organizer and drawer 34" W x 30" D x 52" Overall Height$150.00 EARI 
100's Panels of Wire Security Partitions, 7', 8' & 10' high, with Slide Doors and Swing Doors. CALL US with your requirement and we will design a partition layout for you with all the necessary panels, doors and hardware. We have 2, 3 and 4-sided rooms with and without ceiling panels.CALL!RI 
SOLD Rotabin Rotary Hardware Storage Units, 34" diameter x 67" high with 8 Rotating Shelves with 5 Compartments per shelf with 500# per shelf capacity (evenly loaded). Perfect for Fittings, Hardware or Accessories.$495/eachRI 
700 feet Wire Mesh Partitioning, 8'-10' high, with Slide Doors or Swing Doors. We will custom design to fit your area. Call for pricing. Fully Enclosed Security Rooms with Ceiling Panels avaiable.CALL!RI 
 Stacking Racks 
SOLD DynaRack Removable Post Stack Frames, 43.5" x 49.5" x 66" high ID, 2,000# capacity, 4-Way Entry, 48" x 54" x 75" high OD, Blue.$95/eachRI 
SOLD Tier Rack Removable Post Stack Frames, 43.5" x 44" x 52" high ID Clear, 3,000# Capacity, 2-Way Entry, 48" x 48" x 60" high OD, Blue.$80/eachRI 
Used Laminate Top Workbences 30" D x 60" W x 33" High with riser. Total overall height 55" Features one drawer and 1 overhead light140.00 EARI 
SOLD Used Packing Table by Workplace, 30" x 72", Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Laminate top Benches are in good, clean conditon$195.00 EARI 
Used Packing Tables by Uline, 30" x 72", Steel Construction, Laminate top. Benches are clean and in good condition $150.00 EARI 
Used ESD Workstations with Laminate Tops 28" x 61" W x 34" H These benches can be customized to fit your needs Additional accessories include: Full Width Electrical Strip $75.00 ea Bin Rack $25.00 ea Wire Shelf 12" D x 60" L $65.00 ea Overhead Light $175.00 e$625.00 EARI 
Workbenches 30" x 60" feature height-adjustable legs to help reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Benches easily adjust height from 28" to 41" to accommodate each user.195.00RI 
SOLD Heavy Duty pallet rack work bench with laminate top. Bench dimensions are 35"D x 34"H x 104"L. Bench top dimensions 37"D x 120"L x 1 1/4" thick. This bench can be broken down for transportation purposes. SOLDRI 
1  Ergomation ergonomic workbench, bench dimensions: 30"D x 60"L x 32"H with option for adjustable height up to 48"H, overall height with light 90"H. Bench includes two bin rails, over head light, and two outlet strips. Raised border around three sides of the bench. $375.00RI 
SOLD Kawaunee Evolution Workstations, 30" deep x 72" wide x 34" high with infinitely adjustable side supports 62" high, includes 2 drawers: 1 @ 6" and 1 @ 12" high, adjustable foot rest, and 1 clip-on bin rail per bench. Two units have a pegboard tool rack that was user constructed and attached to the side upright frame and a slide-out keyboard tray.$900RI 
Galvanized Garden Center Disply Bench with All Galvanized Components. Each bench is 38" deep x 97.5" long x 56" overall high with Wire Grid Surface 42" deep x 92" wide x 31.5" high (adjustable) and with Top Shelf 18" deep x 92" wide x 54" high (adjustable). Bottom Front & Back Beams create Rigid Frame. Adjustable Bar in Rear with Square Tubes can be used to hold Signage. Units could be joined together to make continuous row of bench.$295/eachRI 
Workbenches 30" x 75" Adjustable height, Grey laminated top, risers with bar above for light, bin holders,outlet strips, (Bin cart sold seperatly)CALL!RI 
Welded Service Cart, dimensions are 30"D x 36"W x 60"H w/2 drawers, bottom shelf has a 1 1/2" Lip around three sides to secure items from falling off while in motion. Casters features 5" non-marking polyurethane wheels, 2 rigid, and 2 swivel with wheel brakes. Overall top shelf 35"H, clearance between shelves is 19". The 16 gauge louvered panel 19"H x 36"W makes adding and removing bins easy, accepts any combination of bin sizes. 12 small bins are included with purchase. (1636SA) $315.00RI 
SOLD Dazor Floating Arm All-Angle Task Light, Model 795-C, 60W Incandescent Lamp Rotates 360 deg for Best Lighting, Clamps to Workbench or Desk, Light Touch Positions Lamp to any Position and HOLDS that position. These units are SURPLUS, Brand New in Box.$140/eachRI 
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