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Frequently Asked Questions
 Equipment Purchase
Q: I am changing my warehouse layout. Can you buy my old equipment?
A: Give us an idea of how you want to change your storage system and what you want the new system to accomplish. Contact us with the list of equipment that you no longer need. We can make an offer to buy the old equipment or we will let you know the value of your existing equipment that you can use as a trade in for new or used equipment from our stock.
 Inventory Questions
Q: How can I check your current inventory of Used Equipment?
A: You can go to our Used Specials Page and browse our current Used Equipment Specials. This list is updated weekly for content, pricing, and quantities. However, we do not put all of our smaller lots and limited quantity items on the website. If you don
Q: What can I do if you don
A: Contact us with your requirements. We will help you fill your need by quoting you a price for New product or by checking with our network of Used Equipment Dealers. We can often find a combination of Used & New Equipment that will fill your need and save you money.
 Shipping & Freight
Q: How are Freight Charges handled?
A: All of our equipment is sold FOB Shipping Location (usually our warehouse in Johnston, RI). We can ship collect to your location and you pay the trucker or we can ship prepaid and have the freight billed to you if you have an account with a specific carrier. Or, in some situations, we can prepay the freight and add it to your bill.
Q: How do I check on an order?
A: You can e-mail our Logistics Department by clicking on the Contact Us link above, or call us at: 800-711-8698 and Dial Extension 121 for Logistics and we can answer any question you may have.
Q: How long will it take to ship my order?
A: Typical orders from our stock of Used or New Equipment will ship in about 1 week. Many orders will ship sooner than that. If you order is large or involves several types of equipment, your salesperson can give you an estimated time of delivery. Custom Fabrication delivery times will vary depending on the extent of the work involved.
Q: What do I do if my order arrives and something is damaged?
A: Everything we ship is packaged appropriately and checked carefully before it leaves our warehouse. If there is damage during shipment, your claim is with the carrier. Be sure to sign the Bill of Lading noting any damage you see. If there is hidden damage, this must be reported to the carrier within 10 days of the receipt of goods. You can contact the carrier directly for instructions for filing a freight damage claim. You can also contact our Logistics Department by clicking on the link, or call us at: 800-711-8698 and Dial Extension 121 for Logistics and we can help you with instructions for filing a claim.
 Terms & Conditions
Q: What is your Warranty/Return Policy?
A: New equipment carries the manufacturer
Q: Why do I have to pay C.O.D. for Used & Surplus Equipment?
A: We are constantly searching for top quality Used Equipment for our customers. We find the material, we buy it and PAY for it, then ship it to our warehouse, clean it, sort it, store it and when you are ready, we pull your order and package it for shipping. All of our costs are up front with Used & Surplus Equipment, so we need your payment to be the same.
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